Stowell’s Evergreen Corn

This year we are going to put in a crop of Heirloom Stowell’s Evergreen corn. It is to early get all the seeds in the ground right now but we are gonna try a few seeds in a Panera Bread drink container for fun just to see how long it takes for them to germinate.

April 19, 2015



We had a beautiful crop of hybrid peach’s and cream corn last year but from this point on we are going to do heirloom only and save the seeds for future crops.Here is a photo of last years crop.



Here is the update to germination time, today the seeds sprouted April 27, 2015 – 8 days



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  1. Great post! Stowell’s Evergreen was one of my grandpa’s favorite varieties of corn. He also was very fond of Country Gentleman.


    • It will be our first time trying Stowell’s Evergreen, we hope it will do well in our area and climate, time will tell. You also mentioned Country Gentlemen shoe peg, we do have seed for that variety as well but we will hold off maybe till next year so we do not have issues with cross pollination and keep that seed heirloom true.

      Thank you for following us and your response and hope you are having a wonderful spring.


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