The Gonzales’


Est March, 2015

~Hello! Welcome to our Colorado Springs Gardening blog!  We hope you will enjoy the pictures and stories of our journey as we learn how to grow a successful garden here along the Front Range in the beautiful city of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

It has always been a dream of ours to be able to grow our own food and experience some self sufficiency, so in 2012 we were able to purchase a piece of property here in the northern part of the Springs.

We are new to gardening and 2013 was our first real attempt at it, so here we go, nothing fancy about this. We are self taught, enjoying the ups and downs and experimenting as we go along. Were planting the seeds and trees, watching the miracle happen and literally enjoying the fruits and Vegetables of our labor!

So what do we have to work with here in the Springs?  Well we are little bit over 6000 ft in elevation, have loamy sandy soil that will take time to condition, a very bright Colorado sun, little water as far as steady precipitation goes, windy days and cold winters, lots of hail in early spring along with deer, rabbits and voles!

~So come along and join us as we just enjoy being in and sharing what happens in the garden!

The Gonzales’


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