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Blueberries – Elliot and Blue Crop


In 2013 we planted 2 varieties of blueberries Elliot and Bluecrop in our garden just for fun. Blueberries need acidic soil in order to thrive, so we bought two full bails of peat moss and buried them in the ground and planted the blueberry bushes right in the middle of each bale. 

We mulch with pine needles, add coffee grounds and time to time add any left over coffee liquid that maybe didn’t get used during our morning coffee time. Anyhow it seems to work, we got fruit last year and our bushes are growing and we are getting flowers again this year.

The bushes themselves are not very big and don’t produce a lot of fruit but still it is fun to try growing them here in the Springs.

Here are this years flowers 2015


Of the two varieties we planted the Elliot seems to be doing the best bigger and flowering.



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