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In our 2014 garden, my wife and I decided that we would plant 6 varieties of green beans to see which one’s grew best here in our climate, tasted better and which ones would produced more yield to eat and more yield of seed for our seed bank.

All the plants grew very well but the one I would say gave us less yield over all was the Royal Burgundy.

all the bush beans produced first, while the Kentucky Wonder pole bean came in strong later in the season. I personally did not notice a difference in taste or texture, I guess I just enjoy eating so much that I just wasn’t paying much attention.

Here is a picture of our finished product of canned green beans and garlic from last year, we think they turned quite nice and have been really nice to eat through winter.


Here below are pictures of the six varieties we planted and the seeds they produced at the end of the season.

 1 – Cherokee Wax – Bush Bean

1 - Cherokee Wax Bush (yellow) 1

2 – Harvester – Bush Bean

2 - Harvester Bush 2

3 – Blue Lake 274 – Bush Bean

3 - Blue Lake 274 Bush 3

4 – Kentucky Wonder – Pole Bean

4 - Kentucky Wonder Pole 4

5 – Contender – Bush Bean

5 - Contender Bush 5

6 – Royal Burgundy – Bush Bean

6 - Royal Burgundy Bush 6

Here are a few pictures of what the actual crop looked like as they grew and the heavy laden bushes full of beans.

DSC01304.2 DSC01301

DSC07881 IMG_1017


Once we harvested all that we were going to harvest for our food storage, we let the rest of the plant mature and dry out so that we could extract the precious seeds for our future gardens. Here is what the seed pods look like dry and and when you break them open out pops the precious seeds within.

DSC00062 DSC00064

Here are the saved green bean seeds for upcoming gardens!


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