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Harvest or let go to seed !


It’s that time of season in our garden when we have to make a decision as to how much we harvest and how much seed we want to save for the future.

Since we are new to gardening as of 2013 and have spent the majority of our time on design, soil quality and vegetable varieties. We haven’t invested the time up till now into building up our seed bank, so we have decided to make this year 2015 be the year that we allow a portion of our garden to go to seed and save them for future harvest’s .

The seed saving season in the garden is just as wonderful and beautiful as the growing and harvesting season. Each plant variety goes to seed a little differently than another with different flower colors, some have blooms and some are bulbs.

Here are some pictures of our garden in transition going from harvest to seed and garlic bulbs harvested and curing for next years crop.

Egyptian Walking Onions creating new bulbs.


White Onion


Swiss Chard



Cherry Belle Radish



Red Onion




Garlic bulbs harvested and curing for next year!




Bok Choy - White Stem Heirloom (white mustard or pak choy)1

It is always fun to have a surprise in the garden and last year we had one when we decided to try an heirloom variety of Bok Choy called white stem from Botanical Interests. We were not sure how it would do here in our climate and soil and to our surprise it turned out to be one of our best early season crops.

The leaves were so beautiful and glossy and tasted wonderful !!

If you don’t know how to cook or eat bok choy here is a youtube video from chef Jarod on how to prepare it.

This white stem variety is an heirloom so at the end of the season we were able to save the seeds.

The pictures here below are when the plants were bolting in our garden and going to seed, the seed pods were then dried and the seeds saved in small jars for this years season.




A few weeks ago I planted a few of these seeds to see how they would do and they are growing fine so today April 19, 2015 we are going to get a row planted.

We will be updating this page and sharing pictures as they grow and what we harvest. So follow along !




Seed Companies – Non GMO and GMO

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When purchasing seeds for our precious gardens it is important to know whether or not the seeds we are purchasing have been genetically modified. Truly the best way to grow is Heirloom !

photo 153

This online list shows some companies that are supporters of NON-GMO seeds. 

Abundant Life Seeds

Adaptive seed

All Good Things Organic Seeds

American Seed (Plantation Products Co.)

Amishland Seeds

Annie’s Heirloom Seeds

Ark Institute

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds –

Baker Creek Seed Co.

Berlin Seeds

Blue River Hybrids

Bonnie Plants

Botanical Interests

Bountiful Gardens

Diane’s Flower Seeds

Dirt Works

Fedco Seed Co.

Ferry Morse

Garden City Seeds

Grannys Heirloom Seeds

Harris Seeds

Heirloom Acres Seeds

Heirloom Seeds

Heirlooms Evermore Seeds

High Mowing Organic Seed

High Mowing Seeds

Horizon Herbs


J.W. Jung

Kitchen Garden Seeds

Lake Valley Seeds

Liberty Seed Company

Livingston Seeds

Local Harvest

Mountain Rose Herbs

My Patriot Supply Seed

Native Seeds

Nature’s Crossroads

New Hope Seed Company

Ommas Aarden – Heirloom Seed

Organica Seed

Peaceful Valley

Peaceful Valley Farm Supply


Renee’s Garden

Richters Herbs

Sand Hill Preservation Center

Seeds Now

Seed Saver’s Exchange

Seeds of Change

Seeds Trust

Southern Exposure

Sow True Seed

Sustainable Seed Company

Territorial Seed Company

Tomato Fest

Turtle Tree Seed

Underwood Garden Seeds

Uprising Seeds

Victory Seed Company

White Oak Valley Farms

Wild Garden Seed

Wildseed Farms

Wood Prairie Farm

Just Plant The Seed !

This week while I was at work, I happened to mention that I was excited that spring is finally here and that we can’t hardly wait to get the early seed crop into the ground. Wow the discussion that went on next was amazing as so many chimed in on how it is to early to plant, it is just cheaper to get your produce at the store and blah, blah, blah.

My thoughts are I don’t care we are just going to “Plant The Seed” and if we get 1 plant or no plants it doesn’t matter. What matters is we (my wife and I ) enjoy being with each other and we enjoy being outside in the garden and experimenting with the elements.If we waited till everything was perfect to plant then we would miss out on opportunities of just enjoying the goodness of the season or day.

So this week we are going to get these seeds pictured here below into the ground and will post what happens along the way, if they grow and produce us a crop then wonderful if not we will do it again. What is important is enjoying the goodness of the day that the Lord has given us, enjoying each other and time spent out in the garden!

We will upgrade this post as the months progress along, let’s see what will happen just “Plant The Seed”.

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”


Time for an update. 4/17/2015

We woke up this morning to 6 inch’s of snow, went to work came home and it was all melted. Typical weather for Colorado Springs. On the drive to work which is only 5 miles away we ran into snow, hail, heavy rain and then sunshine all within that 5 mile drive. Any how got home saw that the snow was gone and went out to see how the seeds were coming along.

Here is what the snow looked like this morning April 17, 2015


Romaine lettuce rows are looking good, snow did not bother them.


Carrots are coming up!


Pea’s are starting to pop out of the ground.

DSC00207 DSC00208

Kale is starting to show up.


Nothing that I can see from the broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, red onions, or swiss chard yet.

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