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Harvest or let go to seed !


It’s that time of season in our garden when we have to make a decision as to how much we harvest and how much seed we want to save for the future.

Since we are new to gardening as of 2013 and have spent the majority of our time on design, soil quality and vegetable varieties. We haven’t invested the time up till now into building up our seed bank, so we have decided to make this year 2015 be the year that we allow a portion of our garden to go to seed and save them for future harvest’s .

The seed saving season in the garden is just as wonderful and beautiful as the growing and harvesting season. Each plant variety goes to seed a little differently than another with different flower colors, some have blooms and some are bulbs.

Here are some pictures of our garden in transition going from harvest to seed and garlic bulbs harvested and curing for next years crop.

Egyptian Walking Onions creating new bulbs.


White Onion


Swiss Chard



Cherry Belle Radish



Red Onion




Garlic bulbs harvested and curing for next year!



Green Onions

The Green Onions are finally ready for harvesting and we can daily start picking and enjoying them in our breakfast omeletes, salads and such.

Here is my beautiful wife Mrs Gonzales with one of today’s fresh pickings.





Onions – 2015

Last year we planted a few different varieties of onions for the first time in our garden just to see how well they would do. We planted walking Egyptian ( which are very easy to grow and almost never go away ), yellow onions and green onions. They all did very well but we decided not to harvest but let them go to seed and save them for a bigger crop this year in 2015. In our garden we are trying to save as much different variety of our seeds as possible to help off set the costs and create a bit of our own seed bank.. The picture to the left shows our yellow onions in 2014 just before going to seed, the next picture are the hundreds of little black seeds we got from them and today 3/22/2015 are being planted. This is the first time we are going to try and see if we can get onions going by seed. We will see what happens.

DSC01271.1  DSC00014


Just in case we are unable to grow onions from seed, we have a back up of onions sets that are going into the ground at the same time. We will see in time which of the two will give us a better crop this year. DSC00008 DSC00009 DSC00010  DSC00016

Update June 5, 2015


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