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Harvest or let go to seed !


It’s that time of season in our garden when we have to make a decision as to how much we harvest and how much seed we want to save for the future.

Since we are new to gardening as of 2013 and have spent the majority of our time on design, soil quality and vegetable varieties. We haven’t invested the time up till now into building up our seed bank, so we have decided to make this year 2015 be the year that we allow a portion of our garden to go to seed and save them for future harvest’s .

The seed saving season in the garden is just as wonderful and beautiful as the growing and harvesting season. Each plant variety goes to seed a little differently than another with different flower colors, some have blooms and some are bulbs.

Here are some pictures of our garden in transition going from harvest to seed and garlic bulbs harvested and curing for next years crop.

Egyptian Walking Onions creating new bulbs.


White Onion


Swiss Chard



Cherry Belle Radish



Red Onion




Garlic bulbs harvested and curing for next year!




Bok Choy - White Stem Heirloom (white mustard or pak choy)1

It is always fun to have a surprise in the garden and last year we had one when we decided to try an heirloom variety of Bok Choy called white stem from Botanical Interests. We were not sure how it would do here in our climate and soil and to our surprise it turned out to be one of our best early season crops.

The leaves were so beautiful and glossy and tasted wonderful !!

If you don’t know how to cook or eat┬ábok choy here is a youtube video from chef Jarod on how to prepare it.

This white stem variety is an heirloom so at the end of the season we were able to save the seeds.

The pictures here below are when the plants were bolting in our garden and going to seed, the seed pods were then dried and the seeds saved in small jars for this years season.




A few weeks ago I planted a few of these seeds to see how they would do and they are growing fine so today April 19, 2015 we are going to get a row planted.

We will be updating this page and sharing pictures as they grow and what we harvest. So follow along !




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