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Courtesy of and reshared from one of our local news stations, a photo from the storm a few nights ago. Not sure who took it but it was taken with multiple shots and is a beautiful picture of what kind of lightening storms we can get here in the springs.




Hail Storm June 25, 2015

We got another round of hail again tonight, amazing how quick it comes down and then it is done.

Rain and Hail May 29, 2015

We have had alot of moisture this spring in the form of snow, hail and rain, here is a video shot this evening May 29, 2015. It has been wonderful receiving all this moisture but the garden is struggling we need some much needed sunshine as well.


Beautiful Clouds May 23, 2015 – Lars Leber


We have been having some crazy weather around here lately, it has been raining so much the last two weeks that it feels like we are actually living in the pacific northwest.

Here is a photo taken yesterday 5/23/2015 by lars Leber that he shared with our local KKTV news station.

He took a beautiful photo, the clouds are absolutely stunning, shows the kind of weather we have been having lately !

Colorado Weather For The Month Of May 2015

Gotta love Colorado, we are experiencing it all this month. As I write this it is snowing hard outside here in north Colorado Springs, it will be interesting to see what seedlings make it through to give us a crop.


Photo courtesy of KKTV news facebook page.

Above The Storm Clouds, The Sun Is Still Shining !

A friendly hello and good morning to everyone, we hope you are having a wonderful day. Well where do we begin this weeks post? How about we got hail and lots of it on May 7, 2015. It is hard to say for sure how much but I would guess conservatively atleast 6 inch’s in our general area, some of it was pellet to ping pong ball in size. In all my life, I have never seen this much hail come down in a matter of maybe 30 minutes. Let’s just say we got Hammered, traffic just came to a standstill. Here are some pictures that were posted on our local news channel.





Only yesterday were we walking through the garden with beautiful sunshine, enjoying seeing all the seedlings coming up. I am not sure how bad the garden was effected but the garlic being our earliest crop was looking wonderful, now it is battered and bruised. Here is how it looked the day before the storm. DSC00348

Those of us who enjoy gardening here in the Springs know that this part of season we are in right now. I remembered last year, it was late June and our corn crop was looking beautiful and we got alot hail too. Not quite this much but enough that I thought we lost the entire crop, it looked aweful. But, you know what? The corn grew back beautifully and we got a wonderful crop.  As in most things in life, the plants have a way of rebounding back. So we have to keep reminding ourselves “That above the storm clouds, the sun is still shining.” Weather photo’s courtesy of KKTV news

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