The Beginning 2012

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”

In 2012 we purchased our home in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Our dream was to turn our backyard into a beautiful vegetable garden. These pictures were taken when we bought our home in July 2012.     DSC03715

6-2012 (21)

After plotting the area where we wanted the garden to be, we tilled the area because the ground was very compacted.


11-8-12 (2)

Next went we planted a variety of fruit tree’s which included Honeycrisp Apple, Gala Apple, Golden Delicious Apple, Apricot, Stanley Plum, Bartlett Pear, Elberta Peach, Reliance Peach, Black Tartarian cherry, Lambert Cherry and North Star Cherry.

DSC00924 DSC00929 DSC00935

This very last fruit tree picture shows how we are trying to conserve water by planting vegetables at the base of all the tree’s so that that the plants are watered at the same time as the tree.


Next went in the borders and mulch for the walk ways to give definition to the garden. Since we are on a very low budget we use craigslist a lot to find all that we may need for the garden such as rock or wood for the borders. All the mulch we got free down at the Colorado Springs recycling center. Now we can start to plant and little by little build the quality and vitality of the soil.


Next it was time to put up the fencing around the garden to keep our dog bailey out of the garden area.



This picture was taken around early September, the corn patch looked and tasted real good this year.


Here is the final picture of what the garden looked like during the 2014 season and going into 2015 winter.



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